Wrote a LOT of software in BASIC

Back in the 80’s and 90’s I used to write software for users around the campus, before networks, so all were pretty much stand along. So I have a nice collection of routines that I would reuse. Even ended up making a menu system, and applications that would run in the background. All is VisualBasic or QuickBasic, it was great fun at the time.

Ended up using DosBox to create a means to run all my old software, including the development system with all the libraries. So nice to see, and see how far the world has come.

Biggest issue is networking, trying to use some of the old programs to interact with the real world and send info over the network. Not really working yet, but haven’t given up.

Even got AtariWin box working.. Was able to create lots of image files from old Atari disks. Very cool.. Trying to find a way to do Apple II disks nexts..