Expanding Network

After having to run cords across the floor to get to our test bench, we’ve opted to have new jacks installed.. IN WALLS.. A little more work, but much neater for the long run. New cat6 wire, all the way back to the gig switch.. NICE..

Thanks for all those that helped in the effort.

Server Upgrade

After running non-stop since 2007, we are finally replacing our Apple Xserver, which has acted as our in house web and develop server. We were getting to the point that we just could upgrade/update it, and application were suffering. So we finally started the move. First we tried other computers we had laying around, MacMini DualCore i5 running Lion Server, failure. Even tried using a MacMini i7 running Catalina, also a failure. So we have upgraded to an i7 running Monterey, moving away from the Apple Server totally (since they forced us) and trying new systems. Hopefully we will be able to start it up in a week or so.. Crossing fingers..