Finally added Atari Files

So now I have what DAUG eBags I’ve found so far converted to ATR files, which means you should be able to download and run in your Atari 8-bit emulator.

I couldn’t find a good, cheap (meaning free) way to add a file repository in WordPress. So I just created one in RapidWeaver and added to another domain hosted on the same server. You’ll notice that when you follow the link to download. Just did it cus it was FREE.

Atari files can be found at the DAUG Atari Software Collection to the right. Let me know if you have any issues, or were a member of DAUG.


Finally Posting Data from 433mhz

Would not believe the hoops I had jumped thru to get the data where I wanted it. First 433mhz posts to MQTT, then I have a web page running in a loop, on an old Xserve that reads the data from MQTT. After reading data, it parses the data into CSV files, one for each device. Another web page then uses CSV data to create data blocks.

Could not use CSV directly from MQTT because it would just stop working after the file got so big (32mb I think).. JSON has the same issue, but a bit larger 64mb.

Data is not 100% real time, but it is only, at most 2 minutes or so old for each sensor. Each sensors sends data at its own rate. The receiver, caches and process the data, in batches every 10 seconds. Guess if data comes in during that time it is possible it could get lost, but I don’t think so.

Enjoyed working on this. Really hope to add more sensors and make the data look more sci-fi’ish. But that is for a later date.

UPDATE: In this post, we were using FEEDS by Weaver’s Space, in RapidWeaver. Turned out not to be the best solution for the problem