Watching the Vision Pro videos

See this as next big thing, other companies haven’t found a way to push VR out and make lots of money. Think Apple has, waiting, building a video catalog, games and programs that work on AppleTV. However I am not going to be paying $3-$4k for VR headset, nice as they are. I’ll wait till the AppleVision, (minus the pro). Just like Apple always done, MacBook Pro, Apple Pro, iPod, Watch, the works. They’ll get as much as they can, the WOW look at this a cheaper model. Yeah I know it’ll miss a lot of the fancy features, most of which we can live without. Looking forward to AppleVision…

Another Weekend of Mac Fustrations

Gave up on trying to revive old project and programs on the Mac, decided to work with micro controllers, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Will say, once again, Apple is showing its true colors.

Using an Intel iMac 27″, 500 gb hard drive. Problem is drive is filling, and because iCloud put my home folder in the cloud, Arduino IDE doesn’t work. It appears since the libraries are really stored in the cloud and the Arduino IDE doesn’t like that. Tried to change permissions and security settings, but still no luck.. HOWEVER, everything works fine on OLD Windows 10 machines.

Sorry, this is just getting silly.

macOS Apple’s downfall

Having been a big Apple supporter since the early 90’s, I am quickly loosing all love I had for the system. They basically made their machines into a pretty short term, but expensive machine, with many equally expensive and pretty add-ons. But the computer is becoming useless for anyone that does really anything with a computer.

Its lost PHP, Server features (even as a add-on), upgradeability, parts swapping for repairs. And the list goes on.

Starting to think the PHP and server functions were cast off due to its relationship with one of it major shareholders, Microsoft. And I assume with Apple’s need to have something to show its customers every year, new faster than anything out there processors. There are customers that can really use those functions, but nowhere near the numbers that will keep Apple alive.

The bad thing about killing off features, like PHP, is they go out of their way to kill it. Even third party groups that TRY to breath live into ageing machines are getting fustrated.

Personally I won’t be buy any NEW Apples ever again. Maybe second hand have a fraction of their original price (Mac Pro Trashcan, orginally $3k, purchased for $300).

Apple Watch exploded, nothing dramic like bursting into flames, just popped the case apart. Making it worthly. Just months after the warranty expired.

I have Xserves, Flower Pot G4s, Cubes, all still work, but no way to upgrade the OS beyond what they currently have. So no browser updates, no security updates. My friends say “install Linux on them”. Which is possible, but then that causes all sorts of other interconnection issues.

Apple is after the money and short term customer satisfaction. Personally I got into computers because they were fun.