Dade Atari Users Group – DAUG

Was one of the founders and long time supporter of DAUG. We had a vast collection of shareware and freeware that we would exchange with our members. In trying to keep things interesting and get more people into programming I would try to write a new Menu for each new disk. Showing off Atari features and new things we learn about your computers.

I’ve been trying to find my old friends from those day, to see if I could convert the library over to emulator usable files, so if you are one of those people, please reach out to me.

Never been a big fan of WordPress, but I am going to try and provide a link to the file, an image of the menu and a list of the files on the disk.

Apple II – It Lives..

After at least 20 years of moving and storage, I finally attempted to get an old Apple II working. Of the three I have, only one came close to booting. Ended up using parts from the other two to get it working. Nice thing is, it is the best of the lot, so smiles all around.

Let the fun begin. Going to try and add it to my network. Have old AppleTalk devices and cable (phone RJ-11) so hoping it is doable.