MQTT Data Flowing

Finally got MQTT data flowing in and out, over the internet, not just on my local network. Router isn’t the easiest thing to figure out. Had to turn off DMZ and forward ports manually to each server. Now web site traffic and data flowing to correct boxes.

MQTT – Finally!

After a few months of off and on again trying to get my data parse, collect and displayed the way I wanted it. I finally found a little tid bit of info that pointed me in the right direction.

rtl_433 -F “mqtt://,retain=0,devices=Pipedream/TempSensors/[protocol]/[id]” -M utc

As you can see I am using rtl_433 to receive data from various sensors around the buildings. It gets sent to our MQTT Broker for redistribution to computers that have subscribed to selected topics. Since we have a few sensors of the same model we use [protocol] to group those sensor together, but each sensor has its own feed.

Funny thing is we are now finding sensors, we didn’t know about. We will be watching the data being collected and see if we can figure it out.

Below are the sensors we need to figure out (what they are) 211 and 17. All the rest (so far) we can already id and parse the data correctly.

Do NOT Recommend Using These!

For those looking for another network jack, do NOT buy a Ethernet splitter. Buy a mini switch for just a few dollars more. The splitters have nice drawings that show how they work! But they don’t! The only case they would work is if the existing jack is wired for such purpose, in the case of older networks where it could work, it would make the whole network slower.

Had a good laugh yesterday when customer requested a splitter, even sending an Amazon photo. All the network people huddled and asked what would happen. Because all our networks are all Poe, it would be dangerous! Very likely causing damage to anything plugged into it..

Also there are mini hubs and mini switches. Hubs are slower basically acting like an old scanner moving data from one port, then the next. Would recommend a Switch any day!

Just passing on info.

MQTT Progress

After a weekend of diving into things I should have learned years ago, I’ve made progress. One of the things I’ve always wanted to be able to do, it update graphics realtime from a webpage, and if needed convert text to graphic. Finally did it, ImageMagick and open source project. One of my customers uses ImageMagick to take ID Photos then insert text over the image. They use a script converting camera images. In my case I am taken data, and creating images of text.

The hard part was setting up the server (which is now Windows, since all jobs currently held by Macs are being converted to Windows). And I am still learning MQTT, which is turning out to be very useful and now I GET IT, very easy.

We’ve converted an old Raspberry Pi with connected Arduino, with a connected Weather Shield to all work with MQTT, almost 100%. If you’ve see my other posts you can see the weather station has been around. And now for some odd reason it isn’t sending Wind Speed. I haven’t given up hope. Just need a break from dealing with that equipment.

Also from another post, I have temperature sensors, and weather stations that use 433 mhz scattered all over the property. Now that I’ve learned to properly format MQTT, I can start posting their real time data…. I was using FEEDS in RapidWeaver, but it wasn’t built for what I am doing, so tossed that idea, and now I am using PHP and Python..

Will give more details and instructions when I complete it.

Watching the Vision Pro videos

See this as next big thing, other companies haven’t found a way to push VR out and make lots of money. Think Apple has, waiting, building a video catalog, games and programs that work on AppleTV. However I am not going to be paying $3-$4k for VR headset, nice as they are. I’ll wait till the AppleVision, (minus the pro). Just like Apple always done, MacBook Pro, Apple Pro, iPod, Watch, the works. They’ll get as much as they can, the WOW look at this a cheaper model. Yeah I know it’ll miss a lot of the fancy features, most of which we can live without. Looking forward to AppleVision…

Another Weekend of Mac Fustrations

Gave up on trying to revive old project and programs on the Mac, decided to work with micro controllers, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Will say, once again, Apple is showing its true colors.

Using an Intel iMac 27″, 500 gb hard drive. Problem is drive is filling, and because iCloud put my home folder in the cloud, Arduino IDE doesn’t work. It appears since the libraries are really stored in the cloud and the Arduino IDE doesn’t like that. Tried to change permissions and security settings, but still no luck.. HOWEVER, everything works fine on OLD Windows 10 machines.

Sorry, this is just getting silly.

macOS Apple’s downfall

Having been a big Apple supporter since the early 90’s, I am quickly loosing all love I had for the system. They basically made their machines into a pretty short term, but expensive machine, with many equally expensive and pretty add-ons. But the computer is becoming useless for anyone that does really anything with a computer.

Its lost PHP, Server features (even as a add-on), upgradeability, parts swapping for repairs. And the list goes on.

Starting to think the PHP and server functions were cast off due to its relationship with one of it major shareholders, Microsoft. And I assume with Apple’s need to have something to show its customers every year, new faster than anything out there processors. There are customers that can really use those functions, but nowhere near the numbers that will keep Apple alive.

The bad thing about killing off features, like PHP, is they go out of their way to kill it. Even third party groups that TRY to breath live into ageing machines are getting fustrated.

Personally I won’t be buy any NEW Apples ever again. Maybe second hand have a fraction of their original price (Mac Pro Trashcan, orginally $3k, purchased for $300).

Apple Watch exploded, nothing dramic like bursting into flames, just popped the case apart. Making it worthly. Just months after the warranty expired.

I have Xserves, Flower Pot G4s, Cubes, all still work, but no way to upgrade the OS beyond what they currently have. So no browser updates, no security updates. My friends say “install Linux on them”. Which is possible, but then that causes all sorts of other interconnection issues.

Apple is after the money and short term customer satisfaction. Personally I got into computers because they were fun.

Days Gone Bye!

Started tinkering with a few of my old computers (think I have other posts here). Happy to see an Old Apple IIe and Atari 800Xl working again. The biggest issues I’ve had with them, are the amount of space the displays take. The Apple needed a composite display, I’ve been using their Green Screen and the Atari needs a TV using the old Analog signals on channels 2 or 3. Fun thing is not many displays come with both those options anymore. HOWEVER, gotta love ebay.

Found a new in the box Brooksonic 19″ 1080i HD LCD Television Model CCVG-1935 NEW u-7A. Cost with shipping $81. A deal for the amount of bench space it is saving, connects to both computers and it has a VESA mount option (next project).

OH And it came with a remote!

USB-C Opinion

Nice thing about a personal blog, you can get away with posting your personal opinions without anyone being able to argue. Well one of my big options at the moment is that USB-C SUCKS. It might be a great idea, almost universal way to connect and charge your devices. However, 99% of the connectors are junk, cheaply made and break. If you don’t spend the money for a good cable, or good connector you will have issues. Have seen blown buck boards, laptops that won’t charge, connectors that just break off, basically all the things all the other connectors over they years had to deal with, all rolled into one.

I like being able to dock my laptop almost everywhere and it works. When it works.

People don’t know there are different USB-C cables, they all look the same, they all FIT so why don’t they work? A $3 Amazon cable IS NOT THE SAME as $13 Amazon cable. Don’t go cheap on your cables and connectors or you WILL PAY.

The connectors need to be plugged in STRAIGHT, no bending them up-in-down, or side to side. Otherwise either the male or the female connector WILL BREAK. The connectors (silver ends) are very easy to bend, once bent, forget it! It is over, buy a new cable.

Dell connects their USB-C cable to their docks, others like Lenovo don’t. People tend to walk off with the ‘extra’ cable. Thus leaving you with a useless dock. And you need a 4x or higher cable to replace it.. Meaning not the cheap $3 cable.

People are cheap, they buy cheap. USB-C is ending up just being a cheap option that will someday bite you in the butt.

Hate that everyone is forcing Apple to change all their cables to USB-C.. I think this is a very bad idea. Mostly because of everything I just explained.

If you go shopping for a USB-C cable, note its speed rating try to get the higher speed or to make things easier 4k or better.

Finally added Atari Files

So now I have what DAUG eBags I’ve found so far converted to ATR files, which means you should be able to download and run in your Atari 8-bit emulator.

I couldn’t find a good, cheap (meaning free) way to add a file repository in WordPress. So I just created one in RapidWeaver and added to another domain hosted on the same server. You’ll notice that when you follow the link to download. Just did it cus it was FREE.

Atari files can be found at the DAUG Atari Software Collection to the right. Let me know if you have any issues, or were a member of DAUG.