WebIOPi – Wait through a couple versions before using!

Over the last couple of months I’ve been playing with a new web development system, WebIOPi.

Nice system, I’ve been reading wonderful projects that people have built using the system, most duplicates of the same projects. Temperature sensors and garage door opener.

I was able to get two temperature sensors up and working on the system, fairly easy. However when I attempted to develop my own ‘programs’ for the system, I ran into a minor, well major problem. No where in the documentation does it tell you where WebIOPi gets installed. So I search the Raspberry Pi for known code, find the html part but not the python. So I posted a question on the developers site, which was passed over with a boiler plate answer, that it wasn’t within the realm of the site. Oh! Great help. Great place to send students for help. Seems the program was written for engineers for engineers.

Feel free to check out their site above, read the instructions completely before trying to use this system. As easily as it installs, it not how easily it is to use!

Well, if your need extend beyond what they have fed you.


My ‘out there’ goal was to have my raspberry pi send me a text message when a GPO changes state, basically an alarm. I have a remote connected to one GPO that it will monitor to arm and disarm the system (when disarmed don’t send text messages). Seems simple enough.


Haven’t given up hope, still working on the project. Will post if I figure it out.