Thoughts on Subscription Services

Everyone hates paying high cable bills, or monthly satellite service fees, cable cutters have caused a market shift. I do not feel this shift is for the better. Personally I hated paying over $100.00 a month to my cable company, so I switched to satellite, saving almost $25 a month. Now people are getting rid of both services and just using HDTV (over the air services) which in my area are VERY VERY LIMITED, or subscribing to an online service such as Sling or TubeTV. These offer many of the same nation wide services found on cable and satellite.

Hulu And Netflix enter the mix. There are times you want to watch movies or newly released shows and movies not found on the big streaming services. So you start to add on more subscription services..

There is also a HBO and CBS streaming services… And NOW there are a rash of new “+” services coming to market….

In my opinion this is just going to cause a rash of add ons and force consumers to pay even more than they would with cable, who is now raising their rates to cover the losses (smart!!?? <really>)..

UPDATE: As it stands I tried both SlingTV and TubeTV. I canceled SlingTV after a few months, it didn’t provided the channels we were looking for. TubeTV has been good, except for the rate hike of over $10 a month, but they did add channels, so it wasn’t too painful.

OH and as a, just a heads up. When after a few months, when TubeTV raised it rates we checked out SlingTV service again. And the sneaky buggers, re-subscribed us to their service. So they soaked me for a months service. So be VERY CAREFUL when reviewing their services.