Lightning Detector using an Arduino

Screenshot 2016-05-21 20.14.26Been wanting to get this to working for years. Finally took the time to hookup and try it out.! Worked first time (once I got the wiring correct).

Now have to wait for a spring storm to test (sigh).

Updated layout, and tested. Sensor allows for a 40 miles distance detection of Lightning or related electrical noise for an approaching storm.

UPDATE:  Spent the afternoon tracking storms across South Florida. System reported Kilometers, which I added a conversion to American Standard Miles. Worked very nicely.




Since the clerks at work do me a lot of favors I wanted to something nice for them. Build a desktop flower, controlled either by the computer or sensors in the flower or flower pot. For this I looked into the Teensy 2.0, costing less than $15, it is with our companies restriction on gift prices ($25).

Basically  the Teensy, is a tiny Arduino. Easy to program and wire into projects. Allowing for smart projects.


Franken – Wheezy

New project in the works. Push a Raspberry Pi to its breaking point.

We want to develop a mobile web server to host communications between both the PIFACE and Arduino that would grant access to users from either a closed network or the Internet. Act as a Mobile Media Server using PLEX, a Mobile WIFI hot spot, serving shared files and lastly a Mobile Web Camera using a Raspberry Pi Camera Module.

Specs so far:

  • Raspberry Pi Model B
  • 32 gb SIM for OS
  • 32 gb Thumb drive for media storage
  • PiFace control board
  • Arduino
  • WIFI
  • Camera

Planned Additions:

  • Plans to add Battery and Charger
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • LiveCode Server

Services Already working:

  • MySQL
  • Jabber – iChat
  • PHP – Web Server