DeployStudio reimaging

Trying to upgrade student stations from 10.5.8 to 10.6.8 using DeployStudio. Holding down the ‘n’ key is hit and miss, out of 8 computers 3 wouldn’t see server. Unblinded, deleted files in the directory folder in preferences. Remove computer from AD and OD. Still nothing.

After a little head scratching, I moved the computer to DHCP. Bing! Everything now works as expected.

LiveCode ‘messages’

One of my big issues with LiveCode, what messages/words work with the ON.

Open Dictionary (menu:HELP) and click “Language>Message”, all the messages that appear are reserved messages for “ON”.

Mac Binder Update

Spent today updating my MacBinding program. Added fields and removed a few known bugs. My biggest issues is how LiveCode handles groups, group buttons aren’t working as you’d expected.

Now up to version 2.03.